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Mission – Brighton Fringe

June 2016

The Open Air Campaigners (OAC) reached out during May’s Brighton Fringe Festival, bringing the Word of God to people across the seaside resort.

Christian artists in Brighton explained that their creative process involves both pleasure and pain along the way. Their free exhibition ‘The journey — confessions of an artist’ was on view at the Chapel Royal at select times from 14-22 May, as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival.

Each work of art bore a caption explaining how God inspired the artist. Christian artist Maria Kuipers spoke at the Chapel Royal on Saturday 21 May, talking on various subjects, including the way God used her art to bring transformation in her life journey after she became a Christian.

On the weekends, OAC evangelists shared brief messages related to this exhibition. Local church teams also got involved with these open air gatherings, to provide music and speak with enquirers after the messages.