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International – Wonderland farce

June 2016

Gender identity politics has reached ridiculous levels in the US, with universities having serious discussions about whether men can use women’s bathrooms if they identify as ‘female’.

News agency The National Review carried out a series of video interviews at a US university to see how far gender politics had gone. A video showed interviewer David French asking students what they would think if he said he identified as a woman. All of them agreed he could be whatever he wanted to be.

However, he then questioned their logic, asking whether they would agree with him saying he was a tall sixth-grader and could attend junior school. He also asked them whether they would accept his assertion that he was a tall Asian woman.

Following their first logic, many students said they would have to accept him saying this, even though they could clearly see his assertions could not be true. In fact, following their logic — that Mr French was allowed to ‘identify’ as anything he liked — they said he could go and sit in a classroom full of young children, despite the obvious dangers this would present to the children.

This followed news in April that a male to female transgender woman was now making a transition into a dragon, as this is what ‘her’ ‘true identity’ was: a mythical, reptilian being. In the blog post accompanying the video, The National Review wrote, tongue-in-cheek: ‘And we’ve barely dipped our toe in the water of the brave new world, where it’s totally cool if men believe they’re female dragons.

‘But there’s no trace of regret or humility in the cultural revolutionaries, those people who’ve so profoundly influenced the young people [that were interviewed for the video]. Just keep doing what you want. If you get hurt, it’s probably some Christian’s fault. Only intolerance can stop utopia now’.