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Induction – Dens Road Church, Dundee

April 2016 | by William Mackenzie

Between 70 and 80 people attended the induction of Rev. John Davidson in Dens Road Church, Dundee (APC). Mr Davidson is from the island of Lewis and has now moved to Dundee, following his graduation at Highland Theological College. Rev. Donald Macaskill is due to retire in May and hopes to move to Inverness.

Rev. Archibald McPhail addressed the minister in connection with the need to focus on ‘the last day’. Rev. Calum Macinnes addressed the congregation and made specific reference to their responsibility to encourage their pastor by prayer and attendance on the means of grace. He said, ‘It’s all very good to say after the morning service, “That was wonderful”, but it’s very discouraging if there is no further involvement in the work and life of the congregation until the next week’.

Rev. Ross Macaskill preached the sermon on ‘treasure in clay pots’, referring to the humility required in those in ministry. The substantial collection was given to John Davidson and his wife and two children, to help them establish their home in Dundee.

William Mackenzie


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