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Mission – Flood support

April 2016

December’s flooding caused destruction across the UK, particularly in Carlisle. As reported in Evangelical Times in January, Carlisle Baptist Church (CBC) was hit hard, but used this as a means to mission in its neighbourhood.


An update from the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) revealed that, despite being forced out of the building they meet in, because of last year’s flooding, CBC has seen tremendous opportunities for the gospel.

By helping with the clear-up operation in the city, it has built relationships with those affected by the floods in their community. In February, CBC held an evangelistic men’s meal, where one of the elders who was forced out of his flooded home was interviewed about his faith.

Pastor Peter Walkingshaw said: ‘About 30 men come along to a local restaurant and it was a real success. A quarter of those were brought along by church members and the gospel was well explained.

‘It is one of a series of interview-style outreach events we’ve done, taking someone from the church who has an interesting job or hobby and interviewing them about it. This time, our elder Andrew, who is an accountant, gave some top tips on family budgeting and spoke on how his faith has strengthened him after he was flooded’.

Meanwhile, money collected by the church to help flooded families has been put to good use during the clean-up operation. People from the church family can nominate those in need from the community to receive the donations, while the church has also been able to use the funds to help those with no home insurance.

According to the FIEC statement, the church is now back in the Victorian building they outgrew in 2012, because the school they were meeting in was flooded. Thanks to generous donations, they have so far raised £10,000 to help make the old building fit for purpose.

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