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Media – BBC Breakfast

April 2016

Former BBC Breakfast show presenter Bill Turnbull has spoken out against those who criticised the appointment of his successor, Christian Dan Walker.

Earlier this year, when the BBC announced that Mr Walker would be taking over from Mr Turnbull, who has co-presented the programme for 15 years, many people called for the BBC to repeal this decision, claiming that a Christian could not be an objective news reporter.

However, Mr Turnbull said British culture is now making people feel like they should apologise for believing in God. Quoted in a Radio Times interview, Mr Turnbull said that, in some ways, he prefers the situation in the US, where nobody has to apologise for being religious. He told the Radio Times that he had ‘faith and strong beliefs’, adding, ‘When we lived in America it was the exception not to go to church. Church was absolutely packed and it was wonderful. But here there’s something about our culture that makes people feel as if they have to apologise for having faith.

‘I prefer the fact that [over] there you don’t have to apologise for being religious. I don’t know why people want to make you feel so awkward about having belief. I don’t understand it’