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Literature – Grace Publications partners with Christian Focus

April 2016 | by Mike Adams

Grace Publications Trust (GPT) and Christian Focus Publications have entered a new co-publication agreement, with the first joint books appearing during 2016.

The most enduring books from the old catalogue will be re-issued (sometimes revised) and will include simplified works under the series title ‘Grace Essentials’. Later in the year, the 2000 years series will be back in print, along with the eagerly-awaited fourth volume, covering the period 1560-1740.

GPT published its first two books in 1981. These were simplified and modernised versions of two Puritan classics: Life by his death, based on John Owen’s Death of death in the death of Christ; and God willing, based on John Flavel’s Mystery of providence.

Since then 25 simplified classics have been published, along with a number of books by contemporary authors. The most popular of these other books have been Nick Needham’s volumes surveying church history, under the title 2000 years of Christ’s power.

In addition to its sales in the UK and North America, GPT enjoys a close relationship with Grace Baptist Mission, and many of its books have been put to good use in Asia and Africa, where English is often a second language. In addition, many of the classics have been translated into local languages.

Throughout this period, GPT benefitted from a close co-operation with Evangelical Press (later EP books) for printing, storage, advertising and distribution. With recent changes to EP’s own distribution arrangements, it was mutually agreed that it would be best for GPT to seek another publishing partner.

Mike Adams