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Politics – Cameron slams SNP

April 2016

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK, has slammed the Scottish National Party (SNP) for pursuing its Named Persons plans.

In March, just before the scheme was challenged in the UK Supreme Court by a coalition of campaigners, including the Christian Institute, Mr Cameron called the plan to assign a state guardian to every child in Scotland ‘absurd’.

In a speech in Edinburgh at the Scottish Conservative Party conference, the Prime Minister said the plans were unnecessary. He said, ‘There’s even this absurd Named Person policy, which ensures that every child is allocated a guardian, even if they have parents, and even if they have no need for this extra bureaucracy’.

He was backed up by Scottish Conservatives’ leader Ruth Davidson, who said the idea was unwieldy and unworkable.

Under the Scottish Government’s Named Person scheme, every child in Scotland is set to have a state guardian assigned to them to monitor their ‘wellbeing’.

This has already been called into question, especially after news broke in February that one of the registered named persons has been struck off the register. As reported in March’s Evangelical Times, campaign ‘No to Named Persons’ (No2NP) revealed teacher Dayna Dickson-Boath was appointed 14 months ago as a state guardian for 200 pupils and, last August, was convicted of sharing indecent fantasies involving children.

She had held a senior position at a secondary school in Moray, but consented to being struck off by the General Teaching Council for Scotland. She may be banned from working with children for life, according to No2NP.

Simon Calvert, spokesman for No2NP, said, ‘Psychologically manipulating youngsters so you can squeeze confidential information out of them is fundamentally wrong, but to store all this information on a giant council database is foolhardy’.