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Media – Building bridges?

March 2016

The Evangelical Alliance (EA) has encouraged Christians to build bridges with local Muslims, a call which coincided with the Muslim Council of Britain’s VisitMyMosque day.

The EA has also recommended that Christians visit a mosque or, if they ‘feel they cannot do this’, ‘read up’ about what Muslims believe by visiting the Mahabba Network — a site that shows ways of witnessing to Muslims.

According to the EA, approximately 80 mosques from across the UK opened their doors as part of the initiative, which was held on a Sunday — the Lord’s day.

In a statement, the EA said: ‘In order to truly fulfil Jesus’ commandment to love your neighbour, Christians need to better understand and make an effort to forge friendships with not just Muslims, but people of all faiths’.

Steve Clifford, general director of the EA said: ‘As evangelical Christians, we believe in a just and loving God. So we cannot just stand by and watch as our Muslim neighbours are victimised or marginalised. We refuse to buy into the hateful narratives about Muslims which seem to be creeping their way into our society’.

He said: ‘If visiting a mosque is something you feel you can’t do, consider simply reading up a bit more about what Muslims believe through resources recommended by groups like Mahabba, or simply inviting a person of another faith round for a cup of tea’.

The EA proposals must be treated with greatest caution. It is not just a matter of which Christians ‘feel’ they can do this, but realising that the Bible teaches that demonic powers are at work in every false religion (1 Corinthians 10:19-20).

There is world of difference between drinking a cup of tea with a neighbour, whatever their religion, and fraternising in a temple devoted to the worship of another god.

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