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Media – Dan Walker

March 2016

The liberal press has been having a field day with the appointment of well-known Christian journalist Dan Walker as replacement for Bill Turnbull, as presenter for BBC Breakfast.

The Guardian, especially, has been pouring out vitriol against Mr Walker on account of his faith, stating that a man who believes in God cannot be a good presenter. In her comment piece ‘It’s tricky to trust a presenter who feels God got him the job’, Catherine Bennett seems to think Mr Walker will suddenly stop discussing the day’s news in order to start singing ‘Shine Jesus, shine’.

Mr Walker, who has been known for refusing to work on a Sunday — and was interviewed in the December 2011 edition of Evangelical Times — has already stated that since his appointment, the focus has been on his faith rather than his talents.

Even many humanists have defended Mr Walker against some of the more stinging press. A comment from one Guardian reader asked Ms Bennett, ‘Did Dan Walker accidentally run over your Chihuahua or something? I don’t respect creationists (indeed, I don’t feel required to respect any belief; quite the reverse), but as long as he doesn’t let his personal beliefs affect the ability to do his job. Then, what is the problem?’

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