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Politics – Counter-extremism

March 2016

Christian Concern (CC) has warned that the government’s wide-ranging, counter-extremism strategy creates more problems than it solves.

In a newsletter, CC’s chief executive Andrea Williams applauded efforts by the UK government to tackle Islamic terrorism, but warned of serious flaws in its strategy, that could affect the freedom of Christians to express their beliefs publicly.

Ms Williams said, ‘The vague definition of extremism in the government’s strategy, which includes opposition to “British values”, is a risk to the innocent. This vagueness opens the door for you or your church to be labelled “extremist”, especially if you express your beliefs publicly’.

She warned that Christians expressing biblical teaching could be labelled as extremists, especially in Sunday schools, youth groups and Christian holiday camps, should Ofsted be given the power to inspect them.

She added, ‘Please also pray that the government will radically overhaul its approach’.

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