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Media – BBC hits new low

March 2016

The BBC has screened footage from inside Switzerland’s second-largest suicide clinic — the first time this has been shown on British television.

The 90-minute programme, aired on 10 February, followed the story of businessman Simon Binner, who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in January 2015.

The documentary, called ‘How to die: Simon’s choice’, showed Mr Binner lying on a bed, before opening a valve that allows a lethal drug to enter his body.

Critics of the programme have criticised the BBC for screening the footage, with the Daily Telegraph reporting that there was a fleeting shot of his corpse.

Quoted by the Christian Institute, Alistair Thompson, spokesman for ‘Care Not Killing’, said, ‘We are deeply disturbed by this. This has the capacity to encourage others to take their own lives’.

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