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Mission – Short-term voluntary mission

March 2016

Are you involved in short-term voluntary mission at home or overseas and need some financial help? If so, the Free Church of Scotland Mission Board might be able to help you.

This year the mission board is able to offer a small grant fund, which will help those undertaking short-term mission works at home or overseas. This could include a mission trip abroad, a year serving with a body such as the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, or an apprenticeship in a local congregation.

The opportunities for involvement for mission among the nations are endless, and the board wants to help support some of these short-term mission opportunities financially and prayerfully.

Mission board chairman Rev. Alasdair Macleod said: ‘There are so many people in the Free Church involved in short-term mission. Whether it is Africa, Europe, Latin America or elsewhere, numerous connections between local congregations in Scotland and places far away have been developed.

 ‘For the first time in many years, the wider church can now offer financial as well as prayerful support to individuals or groups embarking on these trips. With grants up to £500 to help on-the-ground mission work, we hope this will encourage those already serving on such projects, whether at home or abroad, as well as inspire others to get involved’.

Grants of up to a maximum of £500 can be applied for this year, with applications to the fund being considered in March and October. For further information, including an application form, please contact Sarah Macleod, mission co-ordinator, on [email protected]

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