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Greetings from the Philippines

March 2016

God’s work in the Philippines is evident in the growth of Protestant churches across a nation that has been dominated, for centuries, by Catholicism.

A young church, Lamb of God Evangelical Church, has seen steadfast and regular attendance since it was founded by Pastor Ricky Ligutan in 1998, in Parada, Valenzuela City. It now has a daughter church nearby.

Pastor Ricky writes: ‘People long to seek Christ every Sunday and are excited to go to church to listen to the Word of God. Church is their second home. The church is growing and increasing in number, despite so many typhoons hitting our country. But God is gracious and he will never leave us nor forsake us’.

Ricky contacted Evangelical Times after reading a copy of our worldwide publication Evangelical Times International, which he said had ‘inspired him, hearing Christian news from around the world’. He graciously added, ‘I was blessed reading it. Aside from the ministry, there is also biblical teaching’.

His church also hosts a strong outreach programme for children, with most of the children coming from rural areas. He said: ‘We teach them every Sunday how Jesus loves them, and every summer we have a one week programme for them, together with their parents. We call it the Daily Vacation School’.

Pastor Ricky added, ‘Thank you very much. Praying that God will extend your territory, as you spread the good news of Jesus Christ in the whole world. And I will assure you that our church will keep you and the staff in prayer’.

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