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Mission – EMF’s 2016 plans

February 2016

The European Missionary Fellowship (EMF) School of Biblical Studies welcomed students for the 2016 school on 14 January.

The school had been hoping for nine students — four male and five female — including four from Ukraine and one each from Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain and Nigeria. This meant that six out of nine students needed a visa in order to come.

However, in December, one of the Ukrainian students was refused her visa and had to reapply. The school has asked for prayer for the situation and for all the students as they settle into their studies.

To share the good news more effectively with those of other faiths, the students will continue to learn about Asian religions (Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism) in the classroom, as well as through contact with the Asian community of Cranford, near London Heathrow.

The new curriculum for 2016 takes account of the growing numbers of Muslims living in Europe and will give more time to Islamic studies. Many churches have taken up gospel opportunities in connection with the refugee crisis and have seen Muslims coming to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

This year will see more students in need of a bursary — another matter for prayer.

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