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Media – New Christian bookshop

February 2016

A Christian bookshop has bucked the trend of closures across the country and opened up in Stroud. The owners of Scroll Eaters, Mike and Tineke Juggins, are selling a comprehensive array of Christian books and gifts in the new shop, situated on the ground floor of Brunel Mall.

The bookshop also stocks gifts, resources and media, games for young and old, as well as Bibles, commentaries, topical subjects, autobiography, jewellery and church supplies, including candles. There are light refreshments available, so customers can sit and browse books over a cup of coffee.

Mr Juggins said, ‘Though we have long carried a real vision within Stroud for providing a fully independent Christian bookshop that also stocks gifts and resources, our heart has grown for this, particularly since the sad closure of the centre bookshop some two years ago.

‘We are still carrying in some of the latest books and materials, but are delighted both that we opened on time and with the kind encouragements we have received from everyone’.

In September 2012, Evangelical Times reported on the continuing closure of Christian bookshops (

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