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Ethics – Abortion confusion

February 2016

Britain is in a state of moral confusion over abortion, with two reported cases of killing an unborn child in December demonstrating the ambiguous legal status of the foetus.

This is the view of pro-life group the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), which highlighted two cases in which individuals were found guilty of killing their unborn children.

In one case, Kevin Wilson of south London was found guilty of child destruction after killing his 32-week unborn son by Malorie Bantala.

The court heard that he did not want to have children and launched the attack when Miss Bantala refused to have an abortion. Mr Wilson kicked and stamped on Miss Bantala’s stomach repeatedly.

Dr Anthony McCarthy, SPUC spokesman said, ‘When a pregnant mother who has been violently assaulted says that the real victim of the attack was not her but her unborn son, “Joel”, her words should not be dismissed. 

In another case, Natalie Towers of Shildon, county Durham, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years’ jail for aborting her 32 week-old child using misoprostol tablets bought over the internet. In court, her lawyer said she was ‘struggling to come to terms with what she has done’.

Anthony Ozimic, media manager for SPUC, said the Towers case showed there was ‘great confusion in our society about abortion. On one hand, government policy promotes the abortion of babies at the same age, on such grounds as disability; yet the law punishes a troubled and remorseful mother with a substantial jail sentence for the same act.

‘We need to end this confusion by banning abortion in all circumstances. We also need to stop misoprostol being trafficked via the internet for use in illegal abortions’.

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