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Politics – Church helps flood victims

February 2016

Members of an FIEC church in Carlisle have been playing an active role in helping the clear-up operation following December and January’s devastating floods.

Hundreds of homes across the UK were battered by terrible weather from Storms Desmond, Eva, Abigail and Barney.
After Desmond, which ruined Christmas celebrations for many homes in Carlisle within a half-mile radius of Carlisle Baptist Church, the church congregation took action.

According to a statement from the FIEC, several people connected to the church were forced out of their homes, including one of the elders. The school hall was also flooded. However, Pastor Peter Walkingshaw said the church was eager to help with the huge clear-up operation.

He said, ‘In the immediate aftermath, we were well placed to respond to the pressing needs of people affected. Our church family rose to this challenge and we were able to provide hot soup and hot drinks as well as distribute donated items.

‘We also bought and distributed cleaning products and buckets, while the church mobilised teams to help people emptying contents from their homes out onto the street’.

The Daily Mail reported how church halls were used elsewhere to help local residents, as centres of operation for the clean-up and for providing refreshments to the troops.

Troops from the 2nd Battalion Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, who were working round-the-clock to help rescue residents from their flooded homes and hand out sandbags in Yorkshire, were pictured catching up on sleep in a church hall in New Earswick, York.