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Event – East Leake Evangelical Church

January 2016 | by Peter Thackeray

For the vast majority of its 30-year existence, East Leake Evangelical Church has met in East Leake’s village hall, and it was here that our 30th anniversary thanksgiving service was held, on 17 October 2015.

About 70 people gathered, including representatives of other churches and of the local council. After an opening hymn, Jim Bottrill, one of church’s founding members, built upon remarks he had made at the 25th anniversary and reminded us of God’s continuing faithfulness.

In the past five years we have called a new pastor in preparation for Roger Hitchings’ retirement, and started a Monday morning outreach to toddlers, their parents and carers. A Wednesday coffee morning has brought further contacts with the community and borne fruit in the salvation of an older lady. Christianity Explored course in small groups have been a useful part of the church’s ministry.

In summary, we have experienced that same sense of the Lord’s hand upon his work which characterised the previous 25 years. In a world of changes, we have seen a faithful ministry and gospel work maintained.

The present pastor, Paul Brunning, spoke warmly of his experience of the faithfulness of God over the past five years, evidenced in many ways, including conversions and spiritual growth in the congregation.

Prayers of thankfulness and supplication to God were offered. After the reading of the Scriptures and a further hymn, the Word of God was ministered by Rev. Owen Jones from Gorseinon.

From the latter part of Acts 2:47, we were reminded that the early church was baptised with power, bought with a price and built with people. He powerfully applied this to our present day and called upon those not yet Christians to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, as these early believers had done.

After a closing hymn, many remained for tea and further conversation. As a church we desire that Christ’s name may continue to be glorified in East Leake.

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