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Event – Pastor’s anniversary

January 2016 | by David Chalkley

Wigmore Evangelical Free Church in Medway, Kent, recently celebrated a happy weekend of thanksgiving services for Pastor Timothy Wood, who has served the Lord there for 25 years.

To have served the Lord for a long time in the same church is remarkable, but Pastor Wood commented that he saw no reason to leave a people whom he has grown to love and serve.

The weekend began with an informal evening over a buffet tea. The church secretary, Russell Smith, paid a moving tribute to the pastor. He reminded folk that the pastor came to the church in November 1990, at the age of 28, and proved to be a person with a great sense of humour, even if a little accident prone!

He spoke of the difficulties of the early years and Mr Wood’s determination to steer the church on the right course, by standing firm on the Word of God.


Mr Wood’s brother, Jonathan, pastor of Cardea Community Church in Peterborough, also spoke, making mention of ‘Timothy’s early days’ and the difficulties he overcame in his young life. He referred to his testimony, from being a thug to conversion by the grace of God, and then his calling and continued ministry.

This was followed by presentation of gifts from the church to Pastor Wood, his wife, Susan, and his family — Thomas, Bethany, Jonathan and David. The celebrations continued on the Sunday, with a fellowship lunch between the two Sunday services.

Further tributes were paid by three retired pastors: James Wood (Timothy’s father), Geoff Gobbett, formerly pastor at Hope Chapel and Highbury Baptist Church and now a member at Wigmore, and Robert Winston, formerly pastor at Belhus Park Chapel and now also a member at Wigmore. Each spoke of their role in supporting his call to the ministry and referred to his determination and strength of character.

Mr Wood made it clear that it is all of grace that he has been privileged to serve the Lord at Wigmore and expressed his gratitude for the Lord’s faithfulness over this quarter-century.

He pledged to continue to serve but not promise to stay another 25 years, as this would make him 78 years old! The church gives thanks for such a blessed ministry.

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