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Mission – ACTS warehouse

January 2016

Christian book mission Africa Christian Textbooks has given thanks for everyone who has been praying and giving generously towards its warehouse project.

Last year, it was reported how ACTS faced a series of difficulties over its bookshops and mobile shops, with the book van being subjected to a malicious attack, and the closure of two branches.

It had also begun negotiations to buy a warehouse, but found the costs were ever rising. However, since the start of ACTS’ renewed appeal, more than £15,000 has been donated or pledged, so it is getting close to its £50,000 target.

Mission member Sid Garland said, ‘I am hopeful that we will be able to complete the purchase of our preferred property on a major route not far from the Lagos International Airport, Nigeria.

‘One important prayer point is the securing of vacant possession. We hope to start renovations immediately, so that we can move into the property early in the New Year. During my time in Lagos, I hope to meet with other partners, authors and distributors. I hope also to meet our clearing agent, who handles shipments from UK, USA, India and recently the Gospel Coalition container of ESV Global Study Bibles from China’.

Mr Garland said, ‘By our purchase of this property to serve as warehouse, distribution depot and bookshop, it is my hope and prayer that we are removing from our back a heavy burden of rapidly rising urban rent, for years to come’.

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