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Mission – The Derwent Project

January 2016

On November 2015, Keswick Ministries’ board of trustees publicised their development plans, known as the Derwent Project. This involves using the recently acquired, former pencil factory site in the Lakeland town of Keswick.

The decision to purchase this came as a result of Keswick Ministries’ continued growth and a desire to see the annual, three-week Keswick Convention, that attracts more than 12,000 people, accommodated on a larger, integrated site.

One goal is to have a permanent conference centre on the new site, which will allow Keswick Ministries to provide teaching and training events at different times of the year. It will also serve as a resource centre for churches, particularly from Cumbria and the north, including Scotland.

John Risbridger, chairman of the trustees, said, ‘As a Council we are excited about the opportunities the Derwent Project brings. Over the span of its 140-year history, the Keswick Convention has been an encouragement to hundreds of thousands of Christians here in the UK, as well as internationally.

‘The Derwent Project will allow more people to join us and will provide our supporters with the much requested, additional smaller scale teaching events, at different times of the year.’

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