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Conference – Coram Deo

January 2016 | by Alan Johnston

In November 2015, Coram Deo, an Italian publishing and church planting organisation, held one of its two annual conferences in Sicily, by invitation of local pastor Giuseppe Prinzivalli. For the weekend, the conference focused on ‘The family — God’s idea’.

The three speakers were Jerry Marcellino from Audubon Drive Bible Church, Laurel, Mississippi; John Glass from Eglise Evangélique Internationale de Genève; and Coram Deo’s own Andrea Artioli, who pastors in Chiesa Sola Grazia, Mantova, Italy.

The conference was well attended over the three days and great appreciation was shown to Coram Deo for organising this ministry. 

Please pray for this island off the boot of Italy, with a distinct culture all of its own. There are a number of evangelical churches on Sicily, though few could be termed truly Reformed. They need encouragement and the courage to work and witness together for the good of the gospel.

They are a people who love fellowship and showing hospitality. As they said goodbye, they made sure to add in anticipation, ‘Ci vediamo l’anno prossimo [See you next year]!’

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