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Media – Publishers merge

December 2015

Inter-Varsity Press (IVP) and the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK) have agreed to join forces.

In a statement, published jointly, IVP said major changes in the publishing industry had required publishers to ‘continually identify efficiencies and pursue partnership opportunities’. It will therefore become a subsidiary charity of SPCK, which has pledged to ensure that IVP remains resourced as an evangelical Christian publisher.

According to the statement, IVP will maintain its brand identity, conservative evangelical ethos, and relationships with authors, publishers and long-time customers.

The Rev. John Pritchard, chairman of SPCK, said, ‘While SPCK is committed to promoting the Christian faith in all its rich diversity, in looking at our position in the marketplace it became clear to us that we had an-IVP shaped hole in our attempts to do so. IVP’s evangelical focus, which we are fully committed to retaining, is a good fit with our existing broad SPCK list’.

He pledged that both imprints would retain their separate identities, and continue their work as charities committed to the production of quality Christian literature.

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