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Charity – Serve Scotland

December 2015

Some of Scotland’s best known Christian charities have joined forces with churches to launch a national initiative to tackle poverty and support their local communities more effectively.

Bethany Christian Trust, Glasgow City Mission, Blythswood Care, the Cinnamon Network, Redeeming Our Communities and Care for Scotland have joined the Evangelical Alliance in setting up ‘Serve Scotland’.

This will be an umbrella group that will bring together the Christian voluntary sector in Scotland at both a local and national level.

The new organisation will be a contact point for MSPs, civil servants and media when they are seeking to connect with church-based community projects.

Based on the Gweini model in Wales, local pilot groups have been launched in Glasgow, Dundee and the Highlands, with conversations taking place in the Western Isles and Edinburgh about local networks. 

Serve Scotland will share best practice and resources and act as a point of contact for local authorities, who are increasingly seeking effective community partnership with churches in a time of increasing budget cuts.

Nationally, the Serve Scotland website will have a directory of effective resources from church based projects across Scotland. 

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