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Event – Faith under fire

December 2015

Callum Webster spoke of the public support for AshersNearly 700 people gathered to hear the testimony of Christians who have suffered for upholding their faith, as part of the Christian Institute’s ‘Faith under fire’ tour in Scotland.

Over five days the Institute held four meetings, in Stornoway, Inverness, Portree and Motherwell.

Speaking were Daniel McArthur, of Ashers Baking Company, and hotelier Hazelmary Bull. According to the Christian Institute, on the opening night 250 people filled Stornoway Town Hall to capacity. On the final night of the tour, 207 people packed out the GLO Centre in Motherwell, with another 200-plus in attendance on intervening days in Inverness and Portree.

Nigel Kenny, Scotland officer for the Christian Institute, said, ‘It was a huge encouragement to see so many people coming to hear the inspiring testimonies of Daniel McArthur and Hazelmary Bull. The large number of people who came was a great encouragement for Daniel, his wife Amy, and Peter and Hazelmary Bull’.

Taking the meetings alongside Mr Kenny was the Institute’s Northern Ireland officer Callum Webster. He said, ‘It has been great to see large numbers of Scottish Christians coming out to hear the testimony of believers who have faced legal action because of their stand for biblical truth.

‘The level of interest reflects the continued importance of religious liberty cases, such as Ashers, in the public consciousness, especially ahead of their appeal in February 2016. The public consensus is that Ashers should not have been prosecuted for living out their Christian faith in the workplace. We hope that the next court ruling recognises this’.

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