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Tyndale House study groups

November 2015

Tyndale Fellowship study groups had another successful year. According to a newsletter from Tyndale House, the study groups offered people an excellent opportunity to meet with other scholars from across the world.

They also allowed them to enjoy a programme of scholarly papers and lectures in various subject areas: Old Testament, New Testament, Biblical Archaeology, Biblical Theology, Christian Doctrine, Ethics and Social Theology, and Philosophy of Religion.

Tyndale House hosted over 200 visitors during this conference season. Emily Paul delivered her paper, ‘No time for divine foreknowledge and human freedom?’ She said, ‘Tyndale Fellowship study group has been a great experience for me and I’ve enjoyed it so much. Not only the days in the house, but also the atmosphere of discussion. There is so much knowledge in the room, but delegates were so kind and gracious in their questioning’.

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