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Answering the sceptics

November 2015 | by Andy McIntosh

Giant's CausewayThere was a huge blessing at the Answers in Genesis (AiG) Mega-conference from 3-5 September in Northern Ireland, as around 300-400 gathered at Whitewell Tabernacle in Belfast.

There was much interest in the resources, and people listened well to a wide range of talks, including Ken Ham dealing with the relevance of Genesis and the issue of race, and Steve Ham dealing with the erroneous view of Genesis espoused by some evangelical seminaries and recent attacks on biblical marriage.

There was also Andrew Snelling on the rocks and evidence for the worldwide Flood, Danny Faulkner on astronomy, and Robert Beckett on biology.

Bird flight and the humble bombardier beetle had an airing from me, and Stuart Burgess ended the conference on ‘Why biblical creation is good science’.

The outing on Monday 7 September to Giant’s Causeway, on the north coast of Northern Ireland, was attended by many of the delegates. Mr Snelling explained to us the formation of the causeway by massive amounts of volcanic magma meeting the ocean towards the end of the Flood year. It is evident the causeway is catastrophic in formation.

During the Mega-conference, AiG announced that it now has a full-time UK speaker and leader of its UK ministry in Simon Turpin. Mr Turpin has a BA in theology and inter-cultural studies from All Nations Bible College, UK. Previous to his studies, he spent a year as part of a missions team, working in a number of countries sharing the gospel.

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