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Teen abortions

November 2015

Teenagers should make sure they have ‘an effective contraception plan in place’ after pregnancy, academic studies have claimed.

Three academics at the University of East Anglia claimed that, over the past 20 years, the number of teenagers in England and Wales having an abortion after a second unplanned pregnancy has risen by 33 per cent.

The report added that nearly 25 per cent of teenagers who had presented themselves for an abortion had already been in contact with health services for a previous birth or abortion. According to the academics, the results show that teenagers should ‘have an effective contraceptive plan in place’ after their first pregnancy.

However, pro-life charities have complained that the report does nothing to help teenagers contemplating abortion, or reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies or abortions.

Paul Tully, general secretary for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, said the academics had ‘reached the wrong conclusion’. ‘They are calling for more contraception, even though more provision of contraception does nothing to reduce either the rates of abortion or the rates of unplanned pregnancies.

‘We need a radical rethink about teenage pregnancy. Teenagers do not need more access to contraception. Rather, young people respond to a positive message and vision, such as the happiness that marriage and fidelity can bring’.

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