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Countdown to life

November 2015

The BBC 2 documentary series, Countdown to life: the extraordinary making of you, has shown how the human foetus is recognisable within a matter of just eight weeks.

The documentary, which addresses matters of human biology from an evolutionary perspective, may be causing an own-goal for advocates of abortion, with amazing depictions of babies’ faces starting to develop within 7-8 weeks of the embryo implanting in the womb.

Narrator Michael Mosely talks of the ‘intricate and precise alignment of each part of [the baby’s] body’, which had to ‘come together perfectly’ when the subject of his discourse was in his mother’s womb.

The BBC followed the series up by showing clearly how, within even the first few days of the pregnancy, it is determined whether we are one person, or two or three, or even four. It states that, in the second month, one can start to see the formation of fingers and toes. This is just within eight weeks.

Abortion in the UK is legal up to 24 weeks — six months into the pregnancy. Anti-abortion campaigners are calling for this to be made illegal, or, at least, to be pushed back by several weeks. In the US, campaigners tried unsuccessfully to get a 20-week ban pushed through Senate.

In January, news reports talked of abortion nurses who went on record to tell of many aborted babies that had been born alive and crying, but they could not get hospitals to take care of them because these babies were considered ‘unviable’.