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Sharia law

November 2015

Campaign group ‘Equal and Free’ has launched an informational website highlighting the impact of Sharia law on women in the UK. Islamic law discriminates against women and girls and the site carries narratives of women who have faced such discrimination.

The online resource also explains and promotes a Bill introduced by Baroness Cox, which seeks to tackle these challenges. At the time of writing, this Bill was scheduled to be debated in the House of Lords on 23 October.

On the Equal and Free website, it said, ‘We are fortunate to live in a democracy that enshrines the principle of equality before the law. But many women in the UK today are simply not experiencing the rights to which they are entitled. They are not treated equally and they are not living freely’.

Equal and Free is supported by a range of individuals and organisations, such as Christian Concern, who are worried about the suffering of vulnerable women in the UK who experience religiously sanctioned, gender discrimination. Such discrimination can include female genital mutilation, forced marriages and the sanctioning of domestic violence.

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