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Australian PM quotes Christian pioneer

November 2015

The former Australian Prime Minister has told the Weekend Australian that his downfall was a result of infighting, the media and a feckless senate.

Tony Abbott, who was forced to step down after a political struggle within the coalition, said he stood by the policies set in place by the Coalition under his leadership.

This included an unpopular programme of austerity and a hardline policy on immigration. He told the paper, ‘We had an obdurate Labour party, a feckless senate and a very difficult media culture. This is the world in which we live’.

He added: ‘How can governments make the decisions about difficult and necessary reforms if prime ministers are subject to the kind of death by opinion poll which we have seen in recent times?’

However, according to a post on the Australian Bible Society website, Mr Abbott took the Bible as his final text in his last speech as Prime Minister. He said, ‘In my maiden speech here in this parliament, I quoted from the first Christian service ever preached here in Australia.

‘The Reverend Richard Johnson took as his text, “What shall I render unto the Lord for all his blessings to me?” At this, my final statement as Prime Minister, I say: “I have rendered all and I am proud of my service. My love for this country is as strong as ever, and may God bless this great Commonwealth”.’