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More CAR killings

November 2015

A new wave of killings has shattered the fragile peace in the troubled Central African Republic (CAR), Amnesty International has warned.

In a report, the international human rights group said a ‘new wave of violence’ had left dozens of civilians dead and at least 100 injured, and the violence ‘highlights the fragility of the reconciliation process and the urgent need for enhanced protection of civilians, disarmament and an end to impunity in CAR’.

Alioune Tine, Amnesty’s regional director for West and Central Africa, said, ‘The deadly violence in the capital illustrates that CAR remains in a very fragile state. Immediate action must be taken to enhance the capacity of UN peacekeepers to detect and respond effectively to such incidents before escalation of attacks on civilians’.

Amnesty International partners claimed that small arms have been used by all sides to the conflict to attack civilians, despite the fact that ten rival armed groups signed a deal earlier this year with transitional authorities to lay down their arms and enter in a process of disarmament, demobilisation, reintegration and repatriation. 

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