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Huge Bible database

October 2015

One of the largest online scripture databases has been updated with its 300th full Bible — the Nepali New Revised Version.

According to United Bible Societies (UBS), its Digital Bible Library (DBL) has the largest Scripture database, with nearly 1100 total Bible translation items available.

It supplies Bible texts to ministries around the world. Users can access these translations on the basis of licence agreements from copyright owners, through the ‘library card’, which allows applications to connect to collected resources.

Thanks to DBL access, technology developers can create apps that can switch between Scripture items in 878 languages, with 4.6 billion speakers. 

A statement from UBS said hundreds of millions of people have been using the library’s services, such as, the Bible App and other applications, to read the Bible, using the translations, languages and devices of their choice. 

Michael Perreau, director general of UBS, said, ‘We invite Christian ministries in web development to apply for their own access to this amazing resource. Adding a Bible reading or study functionality to Christian apps and sites creates a new level of loyalty, as visitors increasingly will return to do their daily Bible reading online’.