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Every child, every day

October 2015

Charity Feed the Hungry has launched a campaign called ‘Every Child, Every Day’, to help raise awareness about, and meet the needs of, street children in Manila.

In the slums of Tondo, many children have to rummage through garbage to find something to sell in order to raise money for their families.
However, the new programme aims to feed 1000 children a daily, nutritious meal at school, which according to teacher Diana Buenaobre, who formerly lived in the Tondo slums, is desperately needed. 

Ms Buenaobre — who says Jesus changed her life — said, ‘We lived here for 12 years, and it was very difficult. The area and water are not clean. It was my dream to become a teacher.

‘Thank God for the privilege that I was a scholar and could go to college. There were times [when I was younger] that I didn’t have money for lunch at school, but the Lord provides.

‘Food is really important, especially for the kids right now. Malnutrition is increasing, and we all know that food can help the students think well. This is a motivation that would help our children go to school if they could have a meal’.