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Outreach encouragements

October 2015 | by Andy McIntosh

Outreach with Christian Answer Missions in Cambridge, Canterbury and Bournemouth over the summer brought ‘outstanding’ opportunities, Professor Andy McIntosh has said.

In his latest newsletter, he said, ‘Hundreds of gospels have been given out, and many significant conversations in all the places I was at this summer’.

According to Prof. McIntosh, ‘Perhaps one of the most remarkable conversations that took place was when a young Saudi Arabian, who was dissatisfied with Islam, said he wished to become a believer in Jesus.

‘He was weighing the enormous cost to becoming a disciple of Christ in that country and he received a NT in Arabic and has asked for a complete Bible. A team member prayed with him at the end of a two-hour conversation in a local café’.

Mr McIntosh said that having literature tables with free literature available greatly enhanced the number of conversations, since in such a natural way people came up to the table and began a conversation, with one of the team sitting nearby.

He added: ‘It was particularly encouraging to get an email this week from an Iranian I had met at Canterbury in 2011, and with whom I had been in contact and had sent him a Farsi Bible.

‘He stated, “Thanks again for introducing me to Jesus and bringing joy and peace to my life.” That was a wonderful email to receive! No wonder in John 4:32 the Lord said, “I have food to eat that ye know not of”. It makes it all worthwhile when one receives such correspondence.’