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Bible convention at Longhorsley

September 2015 | by George Curry

Mark Johnston and Andrew LucasThree invitations were given over the weekend of 4-6 July 2015, when the 68th Bible ministry weekend, sponsored by Longhorsley Free Church, Northumberland, and meeting in Longframlington, took place.

Andrew Lucas (Omagh Evangelical Presbyterian Church) opened the convention by asking all who had gathered from fellowships across the North East to take a trip with him up a ravine and into a garden.

He took his hearers to Gethsemane and in three masterly expositions ably demonstrated from all four Gospel writers what Christ did, as he prepared to drink the cup of God’s wrath in our place.

Christ showed his followers that he was in control and submitted willingly to the Father’s will. He demonstrated profound concern for his followers.

George Curry (Elswick Parish Church) invited folk to take a trip to Sardis to see what Christ says to his people. They can have a reputation for being alive and yet be dead. Christ summons them to be alert thinkers, holding fast to and strong in him, and turning away from mere outward godliness.

Mark Johnston called upon the assembly to mingle with Jewish Christians, probably in Rome. Like Andrew Lucas, he preached three challenging and encouraging sermons. Expounding Hebrews 11 and 12, he explained what faith is and how God’s people are to learn from the way God has dealt with his people in time past.

In particular, the meeting was reminded that, as God sustained his people in ancient times, so he strengthens his people today. Next year’s Bible teaching weekend will be 2-4 July 2016.