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2015 Argyll Convention

September 2015 | by Archie McPhail

‘Did not our heart burn within us?’ said Jesus’ disciples in their home in Emmaus. He had shown himself to them in the Scriptures, even though they had not recognised him in person. That is how we felt at the 2015 Argyll Convention, in Oban, in early August.

Under the heading ‘The true and living God’, Alasdair Paine from Cambridge led us through the first three chapters of Exodus. There we saw how God is in control in the most difficult situations, and how he provides a sacrifice, so we may live in his ‘dangerous’ holy presence. The theme of ‘rescue’ was prominent.

Alasdair’s exposition was remarkable for its clarity and for the way it blended with the other speaker’s addresses. John Angus MacLeod of Edinburgh Theological Seminary came at short notice to take up the theme, ‘The glory of Christ in John’s Gospel’.

No one present can forget the sense of God’s presence as the weight of glory became manifest. It left a profound mark, and our prayer echoed that of his disciples that Christ would remain with us.

The number of visitors to the Argyll Convention increases each year. Oban is an ideal tourist setting, and we look for that increase to continue. Next year’s dates are 2-4 August. Put them in the diary.