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Lewis Christian Conference

September 2015 | by Calum Maclean

At this year’s Lewis Christian Conference, held in Stornoway from 19-22 June, the visiting speaker — Dr Charles Price from Toronto, Canada — took as his theme ‘Knowing God in your secret soul’.

His three addresses were from the Saviour’s Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 6. His delivery and content captivated the audience each evening, as he challenged hearers to not only practise what they believe but live it out in their daily lives.

Friday evening was based on Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18. Believers were challenged not merely to have a righteousness that imitates a righteous life. There can be within Christians a disconnection between public and private, and outer and inner. Like the Pharisees we can get caught up with the external and become legalistic. We need to have fellowship with Christ, study the Scriptures and be in secret communion with God.

On Saturday evening, he continued his theme with a discourse on the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:5-15). Prayer for the believer should not be an experience that comes and goes but a meaningful relationship, like a child with a father, a subject with a sovereign or a servant with a master.

On the Lord’s Day evening, he preached to a packed congregation of 800-900 people, from John 11, on the death and raising of Lazarus. Here his emphasis was on living in union with Christ; ‘not what we are doing for him, but what he is doing in us’.

In the concluding discourse, on Monday evening, Dr Price spoke from Matthew 6:19-34 and emphasised the importance of a God-centred rather than a self-centred life.

There is in all of us an insecurity that looks for approval from others, but the most important factor for the Christian is not having a good reputation, but ‘knowing God in the secret of our own soul’ (conference CDs and DVDs through