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North Curry induction

September 2015 | by Robert Kelly

Mike Scott came to our attention at North Curry Independent Baptist Church, near Taunton, Somerset, in 2013, as a preacher from Cornwall needing further experience. We as a church had already agreed to encourage and help aspiring preachers wherever possible, as we were concerned about the future of the Lord’s work in this country, with the average age of ministers ever increasing.

Sunday 29 December 2013 was Mike’s first visit and we immediately felt blessed by his ministry and his obvious pastoral heart, and how approachable both Mike and Tracey were and easy to talk to. We asked Mike to preach again on three further Sundays in 2014 and then take a series of Sunday services and Bible studies early this year, so that the fellowship would have a fuller understanding of Mike’s ministry and potential. This also gave Mike and Tracey the chance to get to know us as a fellowship a little better too.

After much prayerful consideration on both sides, we are very grateful to the Lord that Mike and Tracey both felt able to accept our unanimous invitation for Mike to take up his first pastorate with us.

On Saturday 18 July a service of ordination and induction was held to mark this new chapter in the life of the church. It was a joyful occasion and encouraging that the chapel was filled with church family, Mike and Tracey’s family and friends from Cornwall, and representatives of local evangelical churches, as well as some North Curry villagers of other denominations.

The service was led by Rev. Cyril Aston, our previous pastor, and Rev. Bill Dyer, retired pastor of Pontefract Congregational Church, who preached from 1 Peter 5, urging Mike Scott to shepherd the flock faithfully in the gospel. Bill also encouraged Tracey to support Mike emotionally and encouraged the fellowship to uphold them both in prayer and not slacken in our spiritual efforts. We now look forward to many years of blessing under Mike’s ministry and are excited about the future.