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August 2015

Summit of Mt KinabaluThe Bible Society’s Nepalese headquarters has now been declared safe to use and internet and phone communications in have improved, according to Alan Kember. The head of supporter relations for Bible Society said that the team at Bible House continues to ‘work around the clock’, distributing more than 200 plastic sheets and 100 mattresses, as well as hundreds more Bibles and Scripture portions.

Meanwhile, pastors in the region have reported that help has been reaching families in need. Pastor Samuel Rai reported that each of 487 families at Thumi, Golkha, have been given 30kg of rice and 1kg of cooking oil.

Some 200 families in Barpak have been supplied solar-panelled lamps costing US$50 each, while 90 families at Makawangur are scheduled to receive the normal supply of tarpaulin sheets, blankets, cooking oil, and salt. The government has requested Pastor Samuel to also supply needs to two isolated villages, Deurari and Kachet.

Meanwhile, on 5 June Malaysia was hit by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in the state of Sabah, on the island of Borneo. This is the strongest earthquake to have hit Malaysia in the 39 years since 1976. Although not in the Pacific Ring of Fire, this state does experience earthquake sometimes. 

The number of deaths was reported to be nearly 20. About 130 climbers were stranded for a while on Mount Kinabalu. The quake damaged buildings, including schools, hospitals and police stations.


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