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Grace Baptist Women’s Association Northern Area conference 2015

August 2015 | by Pam Thomas

The theme of the 2015 Grace Baptist Women’s Association Northern Area conference was ‘Made strong through grace’. Faith Cook led this year’s conference, held at Radcliffe Road Baptist Church, Bury. 

The subject was relevant to all Christians as Mrs Cook’s ministry always scratches where Christians itch. She said we should be encouraged when knocked down by life’s events, illness or our own sin, God’s grace can restore us when we turn to him and our faith will be deepened.

Mrs Cook reminded us that ‘if only’ are the saddest words in the English language and words we have all used at various times in our lives. Dwelling on the problems and mistakes of the past can lead to a loss of assurance. But God is the God of the ‘second chance’, and she illustrated this with five biblical examples of those given a second chance after their repentance. She said that it was a good sign when we are brought low, reminding us that John Bunyan spoke of ‘the excellency of a broken heart’. However, we should not play with God’s mercy, as a day will come when there will be no more second chances.

After lunch we heard three inspiring testimonies, which reflected how God uses our sorrows to bring forth blessing, followed by singing items from Grace Baptist Church, Southport.

The third session was an uplifting biography from Mrs Cook of Christian Watt, born in 1833, near Fraserburgh, Scotland, who suffered much in her life, but lived to be 90 years old and a lady of great faith.

A first timer at the conference remarked: ‘It was very uplifting for the soul and God spoke to me while I was there. It was a very friendly day’.

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