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Brighton open-air ministry

August 2015 | by Susan Steiner

Brighton open air ministryHeld in the Brighton Chapel Royal, the photographic exhibition ‘A sideways look’ provided the theme for Open Air Campaigners (OAC) at the Brighton Festival Fringe. This thought-provoking photographic exhibition, with text created by Marten Holmes, helps contemporary audiences re-think spiritual issues.

David Biggs, Vicar of the Chapel Royal, welcomed visitors and team members alike with great enthusiasm. At the same time, in a nearby precinct, OAC evangelists gave brief messages, accompanied by sketch-board painting. Music, drama and literature served to interest people in the faith and to attend the exhibition.

OAC invited local people to join their creative outreach. Holland Road Baptist Church, Hove, participated. Phillip Deuk, community chaplain for the church, said, ‘As part of the team, I attended the two hour slot that OAC offered us. At the end of a presentation, the man standing next to me lingered. Evidently, he was open to talk.

‘After a few exchanges it was apparent that, though very positive about the faith, he had not committed his life to the Lord. When asked if he would like to, he said yes and I shared the gospel with him’. Mr Deuk added: ‘Now he is coming to Sunday services and wants help with his ongoing discipleship’. The man’s spiritual journey had spanned years. In his school days, one of his music teachers wrote Christian songs. Later, when a friend moved overseas, he travelled half-way around the world to visit him in Australia. There, he attended his friend’s church, which made a great impression. Of course, people were praying for him. ‘This is the fruit of many people’s activities’, Mr Deuk said.

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