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Youth Mission – Operation Bible

August 2015 | by Natalie Holman

From Monday 8 June to Friday 12 June, 4Front Theatre and Jubilee International Church in Kidderminster ran a children’s project called ‘Operation Bible: Mission missing Messiah’. 

This immersive and interactive experience saw nearly 700 children from eight different primary schools sent back in time to experience Bible-time Jerusalem.

Upon arriving at the church, the children were given a brief by a ‘secret agent’, who informed them that Jesus’ body had gone missing from the tomb and it was their job to find out what had happened. They were then given case files and sent back in time to meet four different characters alive at the same time as Jesus — a fisherman, baker woman, Roman soldier and blind beggar.

With five professional live actors, hands-on activities and vivid storytelling, children had the chance to get into a fishing boat and try on Roman armour, as well as hear stories about Jesus’ life and miracles.

Every visiting school thoroughly enjoyed themselves, with many commenting on how excellent the interaction was and how it managed to keep the children engaged throughout the one-hour session. Diane O’Leary, children’s co-ordinator from Jubilee International Church, said, ‘It was an absolutely fantastic project and a great success. Live theatre is a brilliant way of teaching children about Jesus, and it is something they will remember for years to come’.

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