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Spiritual blessing for Egypt

July 2015

MinyaThe church in a remote, rural part of Minya, Egypt, has been experiencing great blessing, even as Islamic State attacks Christians in Egypt and across North Africa. 

According to a mission organisation working with people in the area, a small gospel outreach project, launched five years ago in the Minya district, has seen strong growth, in an area where roughly 2.5m people identify themselves as Christian.

The mission group was concerned that, although there are many churches in the city centre, the rural areas lack spiritual nurture, and many poor families have no means of reading or hearing the gospel taught systematically and regularly.

However, many homes are open to Bible studies and the number of these is growing, and three trained evangelists are being supported, to minister to nine new Christian communities.

Six of the nine churches that had, for many years, been without a pastor, now have pastors, while three new churches have been established and others are starting to spring up.