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Gay pride and UKIP

July 2015

Political party UKIP has been banned from joining a gay pride parade, due to be held at the end of June, amid concerns for the safety of those taking part.

In a report from the South Wales Guardian, organisers at the event in London said they had to ‘wrestle with a difficult issue’, when deciding whether or not to allow a group from the right-wing political party to enter the parade.

According to a statement from the organisers, the decision was made to reject UKIP’s application ‘in order to protect participants and ensure the event passes off safely and in the right spirit’. They claimed the decision was not politically motivated against UKIP, many of whose supporters and members have campaigned against same-sex marriage.

Earlier this year, the former Catholic Archbishop of Westminster called gay marriage the biggest ‘evil’ to befall the UK in recent times, while, according to the Wales online, a Charismatic Christian church from Singapore is basing an outreach in the former Swansea Bible College of Wales on ‘battle footing’ to wage war on homosexuality. Cornerstone Community Church, led by senior pastor Yang Tuck Yoong, has stirred controversy in his own homeland for penning a blog, ‘Firing the first salvo’, which declared warfare on homosexuality.