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Scottish Parliament prayer and politics

July 2015

Scottish ParliamentA Free Church of Scotland (FCoS) minister from Skye has become the 10th FCoS minister to address Members of the Scottish Parliament.

On 2 June, Rev. Donnie MacDonald gave an address at the weekly ‘Time for Reflection’ slot at the Scottish Parliament. Time for Reflection is a brief slot where external speakers from religious and other belief groups have the opportunity to share a message with assembled politicians.

Mr MacDonald, minister for Portree FCoS, gave a four-minute address to MSPs gathered for business in the main chamber at Holyrood, and was broadcast live on the Scottish Parliament website. He said, ‘There is not much you can say in four minutes, but to have the opportunity to present a Christian message for our MSPs to reflect on is something for which I am thankful’.

The Skye minister’s slot was arranged by Dave Thompson, MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch. Mr Thompson said, ‘Time for Reflection in the Parliament is a great chance for those of religion and those of none to reflect spiritually on the world around us, with those involved going away afterwards feeling enriched by the experience’.