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Muslim converts in Britain

July 2015

Young people from Muslim backgrounds who have left Islam claim that they are a minority within a minority in Britain.

A charity called Safe Haven, set up by Christians to help men and women who have left Islam, said many of these young people were living under the shadow of extreme threat from their families and friends.

According to one person helped by the charity, ‘If someone found out where I lived, they could burn my house down’.

In a statement from Safe Haven, which was launched last year by Christian Concern, founder Andrea Williams said many ex-Muslims blamed the present cultural climate in the UK. People are so afraid of appearing ‘Islamophobic’ that they do not speak out about this crisis within the Muslim community, and the hostility ‘apostate’ Muslims meet with from their own.

Ms Williams said, ‘God sent his Son Jesus Christ so that the world might know the truth, and that the truth might set them free. Our desire is to see men and women free to choose to seek the truth, not repressed and fearful for their own well-being or that of their loved ones’.

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