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July 2015 | by Graham Hedges

‘Challenges at Home and Overseas’ was the theme of the Christians in Library and Information Services (CLIS) AGM and annual conference. This was held on Saturday 18 April in the YMCA in East Street, Leicester, and proved an informative and enjoyable occasion.

Diana Edmonds, head of libraries at Greenwich Leisure, a social enterprise company which currently runs the public library services in the London boroughs of Greenwich and Wandsworth, spoke on the controversial topic of library privatisation and outsourcing. She said that, if it is done well with the full support of staff, library footfall can, and has, increased dramatically.

Emmanuel Oladipo, formerly international secretary for Scripture Union, spoke on the subject ‘Famine in the African church: books, libraries and information services’. He described African Christian publishing and the Africa Collective and Village Libraries, which he helped to start.

The conference also saw some new appointments to the CLIS executive committee. Robert Foster, senior library assistant, King’s College, London, was appointed chairman, in succession to Louise Manners, who is now working in the Middle East. Ms Guthrie, formerly of the Institute of Education Library, University of London, returned to a role as treasurer, while John Wickenden, a biomedical information scientist at Eli Lilly and Co., is to be website and e-newsletter manager.