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Emmanuel Marlborough – church plant

July 2015

Church plantA new church has started meeting in Marlborough, planted by a group of FIEC churches in north Wiltshire.

Marlborough is home to members of Calne Free Church and Freshbrook Church, Swindon, who were commuting a long way for Sunday fellowship. That has all changed since Emmanuel Marlborough began meeting at the end of April. Pastored by Reuben Mann from Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Chippenham, the church plant is hoping to reach not just Marlborough, but rural east Wiltshire.

Pastor Mann has been encouraged by all that has happened so far and says, ‘At first just a dozen Christians who live in Marlborough but travelled elsewhere to various churches started meeting midweek. But word spread and what an encouragement it was to see growing numbers at our first Sunday service’.

Initially, Emmanuel Marlborough is holding a monthly Sunday service at 4.00pm, followed by a light tea. Reuben and his family will move to Marlborough this summer, and will launch weekly ministries in September. He said, ‘The biggest encouragement has been the willingness of local Christians to make sacrifices for the gospel. It would be easier for them to keep driving 25 minutes to churches in other towns. But they are working hard to make a gospel witness in Marlborough a reality. Thrillingly, one family is even moving from London to join us’ (more from

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