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Larne church opening

July 2015 | by Mervyn Darragh

Larne evangelical churchLarne Evangelical Church in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, celebrated the opening of its new place of worship, on Friday 17 April, with a special service of thanksgiving.

Previously, the small fellowship met in the Moyle Hospital for about 10 years. Under God, we sought to establish a work which held to Reformed truths. The church constituted formally last year, adhering to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. When the former Elim church building became available, the church was able to purchase it. It has taken 15 months to transform it into the church’s new home. We are sincerely grateful to all who have contributed, through prayer, time, effort and money.

At the opening service, Pastor Richard Rennie of East End Baptist Church took as his text ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners’, which is the church’s theme text. A challenge was faithfully preached to all who gathered in the hall, which seats up to 130 people. About 120 attended this service, with Christians from England and Scotland joining us.

The church invited local people to the opening Sunday services, at which Pastor Andrew Saywell, from Grace Baptist Church, Folkestone, preached the gospel. A number of locals attended. Our longing is for men, women and children to be saved, by the grace of God, and for God to build his church in Larne. Please pray for the seven members, myself included, as we continue to serve the Saviour here.

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